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Your Initials Are Your Unique Brand


There is a lot of history around the origins and early uses of monograms, a singular symbol created by overlapping or combining two or more significant letters, generally a person’s initials.

The word’s origins are found in Latin and Greek, coming as no surprise that Roman and Greek rulers used their monograms on coins to identify the region of origin.

As time went on, the upper classes utilized monograms to mark their valuable items, and in the Middle Ages artists applied their initials (or monograms) to sign their work.

Most early monograms consisted of two initials, and it wasn’t until the 18th century that three-initial monograms, known as the Victorian format, became the standard. This contemporary three-letter monogram places greater emphasis on the last name, positioned in the center of the monogram in a larger size. The last name initial is flanked on the left by the first name initial and on the right by the middle name initial, both smaller in size.

People feel this adds a special emphasis on the family name and is the reason the three-letter monogram remains popular in the United States.

For us, the ‘connector’ is creating your unique personal brand and style while making your own mark on history.


Circle Monogram


Diamond Monogram


Division Monogram