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Wear Your Own Brand


Monogram Golf Company


I founded Monogram Golf Company on the simple idea that many of us want to represent our own brand and our own style.  

We all have a closet full of branded clothing that proves our loyalty to our favorite golf course, university, sport, or employer with their logo emblazoned on our shirts, hats, and jackets. In that, we’ve lost our individuality. How do we say to the world I am proud of the individual I am?

With three little letters you know by heart, our initials.

For me, this all came to light one day as I was heading out to the golf course and stopped for a look in the mirror. I saw a baseball cap with a golf ball logo, a vest with a golf course logo, a shirt with the manufacturer’s logo, and even another manufacturer’s logo on my pants. I was a walking billboard for everyone but myself! I wasn’t projecting anything about my own personal brand.

My desire to customize my own clothing gave way to making that possible for my fellow golfers. Monogram Golf Company offers traditional style, high-quality apparel and accessories that provide an individual’s brand to be communicated with their two or three initials, or monogram.

I welcome your personal stories about creating your own brand and style, and hope that the Monogram Golf Company can play a role as it continues to grow and evolve.

Thank you for making Monogram Golf Company part of your personal brand.

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William Fialka (WFF), Founder